Blogs play a important and critical role in educating prospects for traffic, lead generation and nurturing. Here is a list of blogging techniques

• Establish a corporate blogging strategy that includes overall
goals and success metrics
• Identify and recruit blog contributors in your organization
• Blog with your keywords in mind—at Marketo we use a Top
Keyword spreadsheet to help guide our efforts
• Link to your blog from other pages on your corporate
• Respond to blog comments within 24 hours and make sure
all of your bloggers are aware of and abide by this rule
• Remember your content mix—include content that is
diverse and speaks to all places in the buying cycle
• Encourage your readers to participate by including calls to
action at the end of each blog. At Marketo, we often ask
readers to participate and answer questions
• Make sure your content is easily digestible for your readers
by including bullets or top 10 lists

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